2010 Marshall Family Wines Barry’s Blend Pinot Noir

Russian River

2011 Coming in Fall

Marshall Family Wines started back almost twelve years ago when I was still working at Rombauer; I had received a few tons of grapes of Cabernet Sauvignon and made it over at the Napa Wine Company. Each year I started to add to the line the next year Cabernet Franc and in 2003 Pinot Noir from Carneros, then the Barry’s Blend Pinot Noir in 2004.

When I make the Marshall Family Wines, there are certain protocols I make, first I age all my wines in French Oak, and second it’s important that the signature fruit comes through.  I keep my alcohols moderate and I the color dark.

Barry’s blend Pinot Noir first started in 2004 with a Carneros release, these wines are made from vineyards I don’t contract ever year.  For instance, 2004 Blend was made from Carneros, 2005 from Sonoma, 2006 from Russian River and so on up to 2010 from Russian River.  The reason I call it Barry’s Blend is because I take different Pinot Noir grapes from the region and blend them together to come up with the perfect mixture. 

The 2010 Marshall Family Wines is a wine that I feel is one of my best.  This Pinot Noir is a labor of love. Handcrafted in every way to insure that my wine has plenty of lush fruit to balance out the bright acidity that Russian River is known for. It was picked right off of West Side Road in the Russian River Region near the fabled Rociolli Vineyards. I aged it in 60% new French Oak (Gamba) and 40% one year old French Oak.  We picked it at 25 brix and aged it for 10 months in the oak.  I bottled it in September of 2011 and released it in October.  The characteristics of this wine are Big bright cherry, cola, sum raspberry, a smooth silky French vanilla, chocolate truffles, with a clean floral lavender aromas.

The food pairings on this wine are numerous, thinking turkey think this wine, looking for a wine that will go will go with all the things on the table, look no further.  The Pinot Noir wines are the most universal wines around; they can go with turkey, salmon, pork, lamb and even vegetarian dishes.  My personal favorite dish with this Pinot Noir is crown of pork with Dijon Mustard

Dressing, in fact Dijon is also a town in Burgundy where Pinot Noir originally comes from.  An interesting fact about Burgundy is that all red wines from this region are the Pinot Noir grapes.

Finally, a few last words about Marshall Family Wines and the Barry’s Blend, I try to make wines that have character, that when you try them you will remember the flavors.  It has always been amazing to me that you take a small bunch of grapes and make such a luxurious wine from them.  This has been a ride of passion.